Member Spotlight: Meet Memoir Writer Joshua Henderson

Posted by March 17th, 2014

Joshua Henderson author photoOne of things we’re talking about on Book Country lately is how to write about the hard stuff: real life pain and hardship. We featured Joshua Henderson‘s memoir RARE AND SPECIAL ANGELS in the Book Country Bookstore this month because it is an example of a writer bravely crafting a story from his family’s struggle–namely, Joshua and his wife’s daughter being diagnosed with Trisomy 17p, a rare and fatal disorder. We talked to Joshua about what it took to write RARE AND SPECIAL ANGELS (which he posted in Peer Review on Book Country prior to publishing), and what he’s doing now that his book is out in the world.

LS: What brought you and your story to Book Country?

JH: I have always been interested in publishing my book and one of the other publishing websites in fact published my other book. I left them because there wasn’t much assistance with the publishing and the prices of the books were too much based on how many pages the book was. I like eBooks, but I would also like to check into other publishing companies that can publish a hard copy of my book that I can sell. I don’t need all of the help trying to get the book sold. I just need someone to print it off that makes it look professional.

LS: How long have you been writing, and is Memoir the genre you write in most often?

JH: I have been writing on and off for a few years, nothing that has been published. I have always thought about publishing a book. The first book that I tried having published was a book about me and my military experiences. After reading it in the eBook version I had to take it offline because I had found somethings that needed to be corrected. I haven’t completely corrected everything, so I haven’t tried to republish it again. The two books that I have written have been memoirs, but I am currently working on writing a fictional book.  Continue reading

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