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End the Year by Publishing Your Book

Posted by December 30th, 2013

If your writing goal in 2013 was to publish your book, there’s still time. Book Country is running two publishing promotions… but they end when the ball drops tomorrow night.

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Why Genre Matters: Finding The Right Shelf For Your Book

Posted by December 13th, 2013

Earlier this year, Nevena wrote about how to choose a genre on Book Country. I wanted to expand on why genre matters, and how finding the right genre makes a difference in getting your book into the hands of readers who want to find your book.

We’ve talked about how once writers choose a genre (or a genre chooses you), it becomes a home. It’s where writers spend days and nights creating characters and stories for the world to embrace. Your genre is the country filled with people who want to read and write what you do.

It’s important to decide where your book fits early in the process. Otherwise, you might get stuck describing your book as a hyphen between a western-romance-mystery-literary-fiction-with-some-vampires and a chase scene, and it’s a lot like 50 Shades meets Harry Potter meets Twilight meets The Help with a protagonist a lot like Holden Caulfield, and set in 28th century France.

Here’s why your genre matters: stores, whether it’s the lovely independent on your street or Amazon, need to classify your book so they can sell it to just the right audience. Please don’t say that the audience for your book is everyone — that’s lazy and untrue. If you’re a romance writer, for example, you know there’s a big difference between the way a contemporary is written compared to a Regency. Just like you’re trying to find other like-minded writers on Book Country, retailers want to introduce your book to like-minded readers (who have expectations of what you’ll bring to the page based on the genre you selected).

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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Vince Salamone

Posted by November 11th, 2013

vince_salamone_authorThis week, we’re wading into dystopian and postapocalyptic fiction, which happens to be one of my all-favorite genres! We spoke with Book Country member Vince Salamone, who’s well-versed in the genre, to lean more about him and his craft, and explore the appeal postapocalyptic tales hold for writers like him. ~NG

Thanks for being our guest! Let’s start by talking about you. You do digital art for a living and you identify your visual approach to art as “aphotic.” What does aphotic mean? And how does your work as an artist impact your writing?

Thank you so much for having me! “Aphotic” is another way of saying something is dark or shadowy. Most of my work fits into that category of “dark-art.” My art focuses on exploring the network of emotions and feelings that make us up as human beings, and I strive for the same with my writing. When it comes to my writing, I always start thinking visually, and that’s how many of my stories begin life as a visual thought that I then transcribe into characters, story, world, etc. Sometimes pieces become the inspiration for an entire story, or vice-versa. Continue reading

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Book Country’s Rebecca Hamilton Reaches International Audience with THE FOREVER GIRL

Posted by November 7th, 2013

Rebecca Hamilton author photoWe are so excited for Book Country member Rebecca Hamilton and all the great stuff that is happening with her Top Rated Book Country book THE FOREVER GIRL. Published in the US by Immortal Ink Publishing, Rebecca recently shared with us the happy news that her book has been translated into both German and Hungarian, and is now for sale in both of those countries. (In Germany you can find DAS EWIGE MÄDCHEN from Mira-Taschenbuch/Harlequin-Darkiss; and in Hungary, AZ ÖRÖKLÉTŰ is published by IPC Mirror Könyvek. and sold on Könyvtündér.) We caught up with Rebecca to find out more about how she’s finding an international audience for her books.

Congrats on publishing FOREVER GIRL in both Germany and Hungary. What a milestone for you as an author! Will you shed some light on the intricacies of foreign publishing: What was the most exciting part of the publishing journey, and what surprised you the most about how things work abroad? Das Ewige Maedchen.

Thank you! There’s so much involved and, at the same time, my agent made it very easy. He found me the deals, sent them to me, we discussed, I signed, they paid me, and we moved on! The publishers there are very hands on, too, and move FAST. It feels like my Hungarian release happened in the blink of an eye! I talk to the my publishers sometimes, and they give me support in marketing overseas. DARKISS (Harlequin) in Germany has even arranged for me to have an article published in a major magazine over there, and they have had huge two-page advertisements out in the book fairs. They are very kind to their authors.

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The Magic of Book Cover Design with Larry Rostant

Posted by October 23rd, 2013

When I saw the cover reveal for Book Country member Kerry Schafer‘s WAKEWORLD (which comes out from Ace in January), it literally took my breath away.

WAKEWORLD book cover design

The WAKEWORLD cover is just one of many iconic book jackets designed by UK cover designer Larry Rostant, whose work also includes the well-known covers for George R.R. Martin’s books, used by Martin’s publishers around the world. He’s designed covers for every kind of book, from Romance to Literary Fiction to Science Fiction. Larry says, “My job is to get the reader to choose that book and to lift it off the shelf.” Continue reading

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How Did You Know You Were Ready to Self-Publish? Perspectives from Book Country Members

Posted by October 9th, 2013

ready to self publishIn traditional publishing, you know your book is ready to publish when your editor tells you it’s ready. “When is my book ready?” is a trickier question when you’re self-publishing. Today, we share how Book Country members knew when their books were ready to publish.

Book Country Historical Romance writer Ellise Weaver said of her decision to self-publish her novel THE GOVERNESS: “After seeing some of my author friends’ success and tell of their earnings, I thought to myself, ‘Why wait?!’ I didn’t put it off any longer.”

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