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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Angela Martello

Posted by March 25th, 2013

Book Country Member Q&A


“If I go several days without creating something, I feel incomplete.” –Angela Martello

Angela Martello is a science fiction writer from Philadelphia who’s been working in the science and medical publishing sphere for more than twenty years. The name of her dog, Ben, is also the name of the protagonist from her Kaliphian Matter trilogy, the first and second of which you can read and review on Book Country. I’ve come to know Angela as a voice of reason, and I’m really excited to welcome her to the spotlight.

Nevena: Thanks for joining me, Angela. When did you start writing?

Angela: I wrote a children’s book, complete with illustrations, when I was in high school for my sophomore year English class (even tried to get it published). That’s the earliest project I can remember, but I think I was writing as far back as grade school.

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