Writing Historical Mystery: Research, Setting, Plot, and Character Development with Author Luke McCallin

Posted by September 26th, 2013

The_Man_From_Berlin_cover Luke McCallin’s debut mystery novel, THE MAN FROM BERLIN, is a deep dive into the shadowy world of the Nazi occupational police forces in Sarajevo in World War II. The story, the first in a series, introduces us to Captain Gregor Reinhardt, a classic lone wolf investigator up against incredible institutional odds: No one–from the higher echelons of the Nazi war machine to the local police force–wants the truth about the grisly murder of a top Nazi officer and a politically active local journalist to come out. I chatted with the author about writing historical mystery: his research process, plotting strategies, and the ways he made his complicated setting easily accessible to the reader.

LS: What was it about Sarajevo that made it such a compelling area to write about? Did you have a formal research process as you wrote?

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