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Vince Salamone on Editing His Book SERAPHIM: GENESIS

Posted by August 1st, 2014

SERAPHIM: GENESISWhen it came to writing my recently self-published novel, SERAPHIM: GENESIS, daunting is the word that often comes to mind. Set in a world teetering on the edge of technological and medical evolution, GENESIS follows Jade Tetsumo, a disgraced Royal Marine haunted by a violent past and faced with a dangerous future when she is chosen to be part of the Seraphim, a six-man black-operations security force operated by the powerful Alighieri Bio-Solutions to protect the secretive and highly sensitive research contained there–but when a rogue geneticist forces the team into action, the past bleeds into the present and Jade realizes that the hardest battle to come might be from within.

The act of writing can be a harrowing and overwhelming task. Crafting characters, set pieces, events, histories, worlds, stories and plot; it can often feel like a titanic ordeal to get the ball rolling–and that’s just the prep work! Getting it all to work together is another story entirely and it’s something you won’t figure out until after you finish the first draft. When it came to my first write-up of GENESIS, there were bumps in the road but for the most part crafting that draft was organic and painless. After all, it was just my computer and I, content in the isolated flow of the creative stream. Continue reading

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Member Spotlight: Meet Writer Vince Salamone

Posted by November 11th, 2013

vince_salamone_authorThis week, we’re wading into dystopian and postapocalyptic fiction, which happens to be one of my all-favorite genres! We spoke with Book Country member Vince Salamone, who’s well-versed in the genre, to lean more about him and his craft, and explore the appeal postapocalyptic tales hold for writers like him. ~NG

Thanks for being our guest! Let’s start by talking about you. You do digital art for a living and you identify your visual approach to art as “aphotic.” What does aphotic mean? And how does your work as an artist impact your writing?

Thank you so much for having me! “Aphotic” is another way of saying something is dark or shadowy. Most of my work fits into that category of “dark-art.” My art focuses on exploring the network of emotions and feelings that make us up as human beings, and I strive for the same with my writing. When it comes to my writing, I always start thinking visually, and that’s how many of my stories begin life as a visual thought that I then transcribe into characters, story, world, etc. Sometimes pieces become the inspiration for an entire story, or vice-versa. Continue reading

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