Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!

Posted by April 28th, 2015

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!

Twitter: 140 character updates. Facebook: your grandmother’s 80th birthday. Tumblr: anything and everything! Tumblr is a microblogging website where users post things like GIFs of their favorite TV scenes and thousand-word essays comparing the 15th century Medici family with the Kardashians. On average, users spend 14 minutes on Tumblr, which is longer than the average Facebook or Twitter visit. Tumblr is a great avenue to showcase your writing and engage with an eager audience. To get a better sense of what Tumblr is about, here are ten awesome authors to follow:

1. John Green

John Green, Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!a.k.a the Teen Whisperer. John is super active on Tumblr and posts anything from behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming movie, PAPER TOWNS, to thought-provoking essays on important social issues. Follow John on Tumblr.




2. Veronica Roth

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!

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The url of Veronica Roth’s Tumblr page is www.theartofnotwriting.tumblr.com. Hmm…. Follow Veronica on Tumblr.

 3. Laurie Halse Anderson

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!Laurie Halse Anderson is a best-selling young adult and children’s author. Her most notable works include SPEAK and FEVER, 1793. She posts on a wide variety of topics including fiction, LGBTQ awareness, and feminism. Laurie also gives great life advice to fans! Follow Laurie on Tumblr.



4. Roxane Gay

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!Author of BAD FEMINIST, Roxane Gay writes beautifully written mini-essays on topics ranging from female sexuality to police brutality on her blog. Follow Roxane on Tumblr.

5.  Alys Arden

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!Alys Arden is a Book Country member and the author of THE CASQUETTE GIRLS, a young adult paranormal novel. Alys recently signed a two-book deal with Skyscape, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. Follow Alys’s journey on Tumblr.




6. Sarah Dessen

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!Sarah Dessen’s blog is a great example of what you can find on Tumblr: pictures of dogs and pizza, GIFS of Parks and Recreation scenes, and sneak peaks of Sarah’s upcoming book SAINT ANYTHING. Follow Sarah on Tumblr.




7. Neil Gaiman

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!In addition to being smart and compassionate, Neil Gaiman is also generous: he answers questions on his Tumblr page! Follow Neil on Tumblr.

8. Malinda Lo

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!

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Malinda Lo has written several YA novels, including ADAPTATION and INHERITANCE. She is also the co-founder of DiversityinYA.com. Follow Malinda on Tumblr.

9. Rainbow Rowell

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!Rainbow Rowell is the author of two of the most loved books on Tumblr: ELEANOR & PARK and FANGIRL. Follow Rainbow on Tumblr.

10. Alis Franklin

Ten Awesome Authors to Follow on Tumblr!Urban fantasy author Alis Franklin recently published her first book, LIESMITH, in October 2014. She wrote a brilliant post about the importance of diversity in literature on the Book Country blog. Follow Alis on Tumblr.




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