Thank you for writing with us!

Posted by December 23rd, 2015

BC_Nib_onlyIt’s been another exciting year in the Book Country community, with members writing thousands of new words, completing their WIPs, reaching revision milestones, winning National Novel Writing Month, publishing, and plotting sequels. The community has shown incredible generosity and thoughtfulness as feedback partners for one another. Book Country writers have also spent this year right at the cutting edge of book marketing, with so many of you taking a truly innovative approach to building a platform and getting out the word about your writing.

I know I speak for everyone who works behind the scenes on the Book Country website when I say how much fun you writers are. Your feedback and ideas are going to continue to be the bedrock of how we move forward as a community. We are planning exciting things for 2016 and we can’t wait to work with you on those projects as the community continues to evolve.

It’s such a treat to be involved in your writing journey. Thank you for being a member of the Book Country community!

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4 thoughts on “Thank you for writing with us!

  1. Amber J. Wolfe

    And thank you for being here, Book Country! I absolutely love this site and don’t see myself leaving any time in the future 🙂

  2. Mimi Speike

    Lucy, Book Country is a life line for us in our little writer bubbles. I know no writers in the flesh. The people I work with probably regard me as an amusing oddball. Here I believe I am regarded as a serious oddball. That’s progress. There are other writer sites, but because of the people on here, this is one of the best.

  3. DJ Lutz

    I dare say Book Country is the hidden gem in the online writer’s universe. Thanks for all that you do for us! Onward to 2016.


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