This Week on Book Country, April 22 – 28

Posted by April 28th, 2013

A weekly update on what’s new and noteworthy on Book Country.

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Did you know?

Some of the stories you might have missed this week:

Member Nicholas Kotar talked to us about how Tolkien and Russian folklore influenced his writing for the Member Spotlight.

We’ve got several newcomers this week! Pop into the “Introduce Yourself” forum to greet KellyTE, and Elin.

Member LeeAnna Holt got ‘real’ about editing in an awesome guest blog post. (She name drops Book Country. Woot!)

Fresh off the press:

These are new projects that haven’t gotten any reviews yet. C’mon, give them a read.

Last Brother, Last Sister by Michele Lee
A bokor of questionable morals is all that stands between humanity and a zombie apocalypse.

Youth Arising by Josh Stahl
A slightly futuristic thriller about a young man who finds himself wielding more power than he ever expected. This would be good, if it weren’t for the Finders.

Syzygy by Angela Donnell
In a future where humans no longer fight each other, special pairs of humans are needed to fight in a war between two alien races…whether they want to or not.

Till next week!


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