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Posted by June 19th, 2014

top rated june 2014

We selected 10 new books to be featured in the Top Rated carousel on the Read and Review page. The insightful feedback you give to your peers help make Book Country such a wonderful and supportive community for writers. We are excited to share with you the books that garnered so much positive feedback!

  1. Running Home by K Bieker
  2. Heathered by Anna Spargo Ryan
  3. And The Last Shall Be First by Tom Wolosz
  4. Red: Pride by Joe Niewierski
  5. Rerun by Tori Brooks
  6. Just Another Love Letter by Rebecca Hodgkins
  7. Twilight Path by Charl F. King
  8. London Comfort by Henry Scott
  9. The Secrets of Shadows by Tabetha Waite
  10. The Dragon and the Phoenix by Michael Guarneiri

We hope reading these great books and their feedback inspires you!

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