How to Upload a New Draft of Your Book Project on Book Country

Posted by July 28th, 2015

The purpose of exchanging peer reviews on Book Country is to make each other’s books better together. Eventually, the feedback that you’ve received on and off the site will help improve your work in meaningful ways and get you to the next step in your writing process: a new draft. Today, we’ll walk you through the steps of uploading a new draft of your project on Book Country. (If you’re a first-time user and have never uploaded a book to the site, reference our post on How to Upload Your Book to Book Country instead.)

editStart by going to the Read & Review tab in the main navigation and clicking on My Dashboard. Under Books in Peer Review, find and select the project of which you’d like to upload a new draft. Click on the Edit button in order to enter the Online Editor, where you’ll be able to update your text.

attentionPlease note: Do not select the recycle bin icon next to the Edit button as that will delete your book. Deleting your book and uploading the new draft as a brand new project means that you will need to complete your peer review requirement once again. For example, if you’ve only contributed feedback to one other project on the site, you will be required to review a second one in order to upload your own. However, if you simply upload a new draft of the existing project, you don’t have to repeat this step.

Upload-DownloadOnce you’re in the Online Editor, navigate to the right-hand side and click on the Upload/Download section. Click Upload to add the file containing the new draft of your manuscript. Alternatively, you can make edits straight in the Online Editor itself. Just remember to save your progress at the end. After you designate your chapters, the final step is to click Post and you’re done. The manuscript will now display a new draft number.

UPLOADAnother advantage of uploading a new draft of your book project is that your connections and the Book Country members who are following it or have reviewed it in the past will get a notification about the new version in their Newsfeed! This way, existing supporters of your work are more likely to check out the improvements you’ve made and give it another read.

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