How to Upload Your Book to Book Country

Posted by October 18th, 2013

Workshopping and publishing are the cornerstones of our community. Whether you’re seeking feedback or a published book, the first step is to upload your book to Book Country. Here, we’ll walk you through the easy uploading process.

The Dashboard


Your dashboard is the control center for your work on Book Country. You can get to it from the Read & Review tab or the Publish tab in the main navigation. As you can see, it’s divided in two main sections: “Books in Peer Review” and “eBook Publishing Projects.”

What kind of project are you uploading?

If you want to upload a work-in-progress and get feedback from the community to improve it, then click on the “Workshop a Book” button on the right sidebar to get started.

If your book is ready to go, and you want to create and publish an eBook, click on the “Start a new eBook” button.

Workshop a Book


If you choose the first option, “Workshop a Book,” then you’ll be taken to the Online Editor, and attentionyou’ll be prompted to upload your manuscript. The accepted file formats are: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), ePub, RTF, and TXT. The size limit is 5MB. Locate your project on  your computer and click “Upload Manuscript.” Please note: you can upload your entire manuscript as one file to Book Country and designate chapters later.

The text of your book will appear in the online editor. At the top of the page there is a checklist of  steps needed before your manuscript can be shown to other Book Country members. If your manuscript doesn’t appear, look here to make sure you’re not missing anything.

steps to complete before uploading your book

First, you need to name your project. To do so, go to the Book Details section and fill in the different fields. The genre selection reflects the literary categories that are represented on the Book Country genre map. (If you’re not sure which genre best fits your project, check out the Genre Map and play around with it: click on different regions, explore the Genre Pages and read the descriptions of each genre. We also wrote a post about choosing your genre on Book Country.)

Onto the next step! Complete the review requirement. My checklist tells me that I have already have that covered, and can move onto the next step. If you haven’t helped a peer and given feedback to another manuscript on Book Country, now is the time to do so.

If your manuscript has chapters, go back to the text to designate your chapters. That’s one of the really nifty features of the online editor, and it’s super-easy to do. (This is an optional step, so you can skip it if you want, but it’s a neat way for your readers to navigate through your manuscript.)

Step 1: Select the chapter heading and click on the “Add Chapter” button in the book editor.

designate a chapter

Step 2: That’s it! The chapter heading is ready to go. See how it appears in your Table of Contents. To do so, go over to the right-hand side of your page and click on “View TOC.”

how a chapter heading looks

Once you’re designated all of your chapters, choose your feedback criteria. The default is overall feedback, but if there are specific aspects of your work that you want help from your audience, select the ones that apply to you.

attentionThe last step is to design a cover. (Also optional but we highly recommend it.)

When you’re all done, scroll down to the bottom of the editor and click “Post.” Please note: if you click on “Publish Now” instead, your manuscript will be transferred to the eBook Publishing projects section of your Dashboard and cannot be retrieved.


It’s possible that after you get all that awesome feedback from the community, you’ll want to upload a new draft of your manuscript. To do so, go to your book in the Dashboard, click “Edit,” and enter the online editor.


On the right-hand side, below the Feedback Criteria module, there is a an “Upload/Download” section. Click on it, and you can upload a new version of your manuscript from your computer. While you won’t lose any reviews, the manuscript will display a new draft number.


You can also make edits to your manuscript in the online editor itself! Save your progress as you go. Happy writing!

Publish an eBook

get_started_publishIf you’re ready to publish a book, select “Start a new eBook” from your Dashboard. Most of the uploading steps are the same. (There’s one big difference: if you’re publishing, you’re not required to give feedback on manuscripts from the Book Country community, but we still think it’s a good idea.)

So go ahead: upload a manuscript of minimum 2,500 words, choose a name for your project, fill out the eBook Details, and designate your chapters. For publishing projects, you must create a TOC and designate your chapters, as it creates the best experience for your readers.

When you’re deciding on a genre in the eBook Details section, you can choose from a wider selection of literary categories than when you’re workshopping a manuscript. The Publish genres are much more specific in scope because we know the importance of pegging the right audience. Here is also where you price your eBook, so be sure to complete that important step of the process!

Before your book is ready to be published, the text needs to be formatted. Formatting is unique to the eBook creation process and is not a step that needs to be completed if you’re posting a manuscript for review.

formattingThis is how your text displays in the eBook Wizard. See the exclamation point icon? It marks a formatting error in your text that needs to be fixed so that your work can be a great-looking eBook. In the right-hand sidebar, you can see all errors in your manuscript and read about how to fix them. (Microsoft Word, especially, inserts special characters around em dashes and smart quotes and others that would be distracting for an eBook reader.) We’ve provided ample instructions, but if you get stumped, you can contact us at any point. Or, if you want to save time, you can purchase a service and we’ll do it for you for a small fee.  

Now all you have left is to create an attractive cover for your book, and you are ready to launch your eBook into the world!

If you have lingering questions about the uploading process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re an email ( or a private message away. 

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