How to Use Facebook as an Author Before You Have Published a Book

Posted by August 11th, 2015


Trust us, you don’t want get started with social media a week before your book comes out. In fact, many writers nowadays have a presence on Facebook and other platforms before they even have a publication date for their title.

Create a fan page. Reference our previous post on how to set up a brand new Facebook fan page. It’s important to reiterate that while you can let people follow your personal profile, it’s preferable to create a page that is exclusively devoted to your author persona, where you can post news and updates about your publications. Put some thought into what you call the page as it will be your online home in the literary community. You can use the title of your book or a variation of your name. We recommend that you simply use your full name and be sure to select the Artist, Band or Public Figure page category and choose the Author designation. Once you do that, the word “Author” will appear under the name of the page as you can see in the below examples. Because of this description and its strategic placement, you don’t need to add “writer” or “author” in the author page name.


Cultivate good social media habits. Take the time to reflect on what kind of content you want to share on your page. As with any type of writing, you’ll needto fine tune your social media voice and get used to talking to potential readers in a way that feels authentic to you and is a correct reflection on your work as a writer. Figure out how frequently you want to post. Experiment with different types of content and assess the results. Read a book on social media for more ideas! It takes time and consistency to hammer these details out–and you won’t have the luxury to truly focus on building a social media brand for yourself once your book hits the shelves.

For specific examples of what to post, check out our piece 5 Ways to Engage Your Readers on Facebook.

Engage current supporters of your writing. So what can you do while you’re still writing your book and have no release date on the horizon? Grow your following and find supporters and like-minded individuals. Maybe they can’t read a finished version of your book yet, but perhaps you can tease out samples and early drafts (such as those you’ve posted on Book Country)? Let your audience partake in the writing process–why not even get their input on something like character names?

Develop relationships with Book Country members who’ve read and reviewed your work. Be sure to use Facebook as your page to “like” other pages, both pages of other aspiring authors like you and established authors. You can engage them in conversation but also get great post ideas.

Use Facebook to drive pre-orders. Once you have a publication date, share your excitement with your fans, and keep them abreast of any developments. Run a Goodreads giveaway of advance copies of your book or host a Live Facebook Q&A! Inform your fans about a blog tour, a cover reveal, or an exclusive offer. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep posting the kind of content that got them to like your page in the first place.

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