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Posted by September 4th, 2013

The Book Country Discussion Boards are where members can talk to  each other about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. It’s a great place to start getting to know other Book Country members, and find all kinds of writing tools, tips, and food for thought.

But it’s much more than a writing resource: it’s where you can have real conversations with your fellow members—find encouragement, advice, or just have fun. The Discussion Boards are like the little cozy café where you can chat about anything from revision strategies to manuscript word count to just geeking out.

The Discussion Boards are divided into six main categories:

  • The Craft of Writing: Here’s where we’re talking about those sticky issues that face every writer, such as character development, dialogue, plot, point of view, and so much more.
  • Tools and Resources: Curious to find out how other writers are getting their research done? Or what software they use to outline complicated plots? Check out these threads for recommendations.
  • Genre Talk: This is where you can find like-minded members who write in the same genre as you, such as Mystery or Women’s Fiction.  Do review swaps with fellow members, talk about genre conventions and tropes, and share your thoughts about anything related to that literary category.
  •  The Business of Writing: Agents, synopses, marketing and promotion, self-publishing, traditional publishing . . . use these threads as you make heads or tails of the publishing process.
  • Industry Happenings: Here’s where to find out about news, gossip, conventions, and other exciting things happening in the world of writing and publishing.
  • Book Country: I like to think of this forum as being similar to the beginning of a class or a meeting, where everyone has the chance to say something to the whole group, whether that’s just a quick introduction, an announcement about an event or an update about what’s happening in the community, or just general friendly conversation. Use this forum to talk about what you are reading (both on and off the Book Country site), what’s happening with your book (such as publication announcements like those you’ll see here), and to post tips about how to use the site. This is also where you can post feedback on how the site is working for you. (If you are seeing a bug that isn’t being reported on this thread, you should also email support AT bookcountry DOT com so that we can start working on a fix for it!)

Browse the threads for topics that interest you, and join the conversation! You can also start a thread with a specific question on which you’d like feedback if you don’t see it yet addressed on the boards. (Just click on “New Topic” in the upper right hand corner of the Discussion Board.)

new topic screenshot

As you read through posts and replies, you’ll likely find other members whose work you’d like to check out. Do a “people” search for those members you’re interested in, and check out their books to Read & Review. Send connection requests to those you’d like to work with on Book Country.

You can also subscribe to discussions so that you’ll get a notification in your news feed and, depending on your settings, an email when another member posts in the thread. Clicking on the little white “envelope” button (right next to the “New Topic” button) will lead you to a screen where you can subscribe or unsubscribe to discussion threads:


You can also manage your subscriptions via the Control Panel. Click on the “Control Panel” button to get to it.

control panel button

manage your subscriptionsWe think that being a part of a larger conversation about writing and publishing is an integral part of the writer’s lifestyle. There’s nothing like having a network of folks to bounce ideas of off. We hope you will join us on the Book Country Discussion Boards!

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2 thoughts on “Using the Book Country Discussion Boards

  1. Valerie Emmerich

    I must be missing something here: I went to a (relatively old) discussion thread about what distinguishes literary fiction from other genres. I wanted to post something. . . but couldn’t find an icon for “post,” or anything even remotely similar. Do discussion threads expire after a certain amount of time? This is driving me crazy! Thanks!


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