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Posted by August 14th, 2014

Book Country Waiting to Be Discovered

A new set of Waiting to Be Discovered books is featured on the Read and Review page!

Every time we update the Waiting to Be Discovered carousel, we are always blown away by the diverse array of books we feature. All thanks to you! Here is a list of our Waiting to Be Discovered books:

  1. The King’s Jew – Book One by Darius Stransky
  2. Exodus, Stage Left by Arnold Baruch
  3. The Trouble With Bruce by Robin Kane Spreafico 
  4. Mary Quite Contrary by Laney Gross
  5. Bang! by Kevin James Miller
  6. The Ascension by Harrison Voss
  7. Dream Whispers by Lauren Grey
  8. Bog Witch Brewery by Lynn Rushlau
  9. In the Face of the Sun by Lauren Grey
  10. Sailor in the Sand by Michaela Adielson


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